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Lifetype 1.1.1 update

LifeType Logo

La piattaforma OpenSource LifeType é ora disponibile nella versione 1.1.1

The three most imporant areas that LifeType 1.1.1 addresses are the summary page, where the some of the lists with blogs and articles were not working correctly, fixes to wizard.php regarding MySQL 5.x compatibility and some issues with paging.

LifeType 1.1.1 also includes 3 new data providers: the Joomla data provider, the Vbb data provider and the Wbb2 data provider.

Lifetype 1.1 ora disponible

LifeType Logo

La piattaforma OpenSource Liftype é ora disponibile nella versione 1.1.

Copio e incollo le nuove caratteristiche:

  • Disk-based data cache
  • Reduction of memory usage
  • Paging of posts, albums and searches
  • Everything is searchable
  • Mass edition of items
  • Admin mode
  • API Improvements
  • TinyMCE
  • Blog categories and global article categories
  • Better handling of comments and trackbacks
  • Wizard/Installer checks
  • Improved summary
  • Dashboard improvements
  • Final image size
  • Possibility to resend the confirmation mail
  • Customizable emails

Inoltre su bitwise é disponibile un’intervista sulle funzionalità  podcasting di Lifetype.