Lifetype 1.1 ora disponible

LifeType Logo

La piattaforma OpenSource Liftype é ora disponibile nella versione 1.1.

Copio e incollo le nuove caratteristiche:

  • Disk-based data cache
  • Reduction of memory usage
  • Paging of posts, albums and searches
  • Everything is searchable
  • Mass edition of items
  • Admin mode
  • API Improvements
  • TinyMCE
  • Blog categories and global article categories
  • Better handling of comments and trackbacks
  • Wizard/Installer checks
  • Improved summary
  • Dashboard improvements
  • Final image size
  • Possibility to resend the confirmation mail
  • Customizable emails

Inoltre su bitwise é disponibile un’intervista sulle funzionalità  podcasting di Lifetype.

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