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Ich bin ein Berliner

Si può dire di tutto, condividere o odiare la sua politica, sicuramente un candidato alla Casa Bianca, anche se si parla di Obama come se fosse già  il preseidente degli Stati Uniti, ha carisma da vendere. 200.000 tedeschi si sono fermati per ascoltare il suo discorso.

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Moore appogia Obama

Bella la lettera aperta di Micheal Moore sul perchà© appoggia Obama.


I don’t get to vote for President this primary season. I live in Michigan. The party leaders (both here and in D.C.) couldn’t get their act together, and thus our votes will not be counted.

So, if you live in Pennsylvania, can you do me a favor? Will you please cast my vote — and yours — on Tuesday for Senator Barack Obama?

I haven’t spoken publicly ’til now as to who I would vote for, primarily for two reasons: 1) Who cares?; and 2) I (and most people I know) don’t give a rat’s ass whose name is on the ballot in November, as long as there’s a picture of JFK and FDR riding a donkey at the top of the ballot, and the word “Democratic” next to the candidate’s name.

Seriously, I know so many people who don’t care if the name under the Big “D” is Dancer, Prancer, Clinton or Blitzen. It can be Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Barry Obama or the Dalai Lama.

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