Global Information Technology Report 2008-2009

Ho iniziato a leggere l’ottavo Global Information Technology Report redatto dal World Economic Forum.
Telefonia mobile a parte, dove ci si differenzia maggiormente per la penetrazione dei cellulari tra la popolazione, per il resto non siamo mai tra i primi 20.

Copio e incollo alcune parti, chi vuole puà³ andare a sfogliare e leggere il report completo sul sito del WEF.

Turning our attention to the EU15 economies,10 the appraisal is more varied. Similarly to the NRI findings in previous editions of the Report, there exists a divide among countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Germany, Ireland (23rd), and Belgium (24th), which seem to be leveraging ICT in their economic, political, and social systems, and others such as Greece (55th) and, to a lesser extent, Italy (45th), which lag behind in networked readiness.While Greece remains stable with respect to 2007 and shows a slight improvement in score (from 3.94 to 4.00), Italy continues the downward trend that began last year, dropping another three places. Important flaws preventing the country to fully leverage ICT are the weak market (75th) and regulatory (92nd) environments and the low priority given to ICT diffusion in the government agenda, as highlighted by the disappointing 83rd place for government readiness.

Another factor likely to affect the ability of various countries to produce the talents required by their own development strategies will stem directly from the degree of investment they have made in the past decades in their respective educational systems.Tertiary enrollment in this respect is not the only variable to consider.The quality of education in mathematics and science will also likely have an increasingly important impact on the value that a particular society can provide for itself, as the expansion and improvement of global information networks create more opportunities to share such value. In this area, countries such as Singapore will continue to benefit from a comparative advantage built relentlessly over the years, while India and China seem to be quickly moving up that same ladder. Relatively low scores should be of particular concern in countries such as Italy, Spain, or Portugal, and to some extent the United States.

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